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Portuguese Band of San José

Founded in 1971 by Mr. Eleutério Borba. The band's nickname is Banda Velha, which means "Old Band".

It is the oldest current Portuguese marching band in all of California, but not the first to be founded. There were several Portuguese marching bands founded in the late 1800's and early 1900's, but they faded away over the years. In fact, some were founded by the famous Portuguese composer John Philip Sousa, who composed most of our familiar American military marches.

Since it's inception, the Portuguese Band of San José proudly represents the Portuguese culture within the local community and throughout California.



Beautiful Amenities for Special Events



We can accommodate any event


A full service kitchen for catering


Fully functional bar 

The Portuguese Band of San José facility is available for rentals and includes a 3,025 square-foot ballroom with stage. It also features a large bar area and kitchen. A charming venue in the

heart of San José provides the perfect location for weddings, receptions, conferences,

classes, parties and other large and small events at very affordable rates.


Conductor (Mestre) 

Joe Amaral

Queen (Rainha)

Flag Holders (Porta Bandeiras)


Banner Holders (Porta Estandarte)

Nevaeh Paz
Faith Paz

Clarinet (Clarinete)

Brian Flores
Sandra Rodrigues
Alison Janeiro

Trumpet (Trompete)

Gilbert Nunes
Dillon Nunes
Curtis Gaspar

French Horn (Trompa)

Tony Paz

Tenor Sax (Saxo Tenor)
Nelson Brasil

Alto Sax (Saxo Alto)

Nelson Sequeira
Jason Aguiar
Nick Tavares

Trombone (Trombone)

Larry Dias
Steve Lourenco
John Paul Faustino

Baritone (Baritono)

John Santos
Joey Medeiros
Mike Tavares

Tuba (Tuba)

Mike Salasar
John Cunha

Percussion (Bateria)

Danny Furtado
Luke Costa
Kvin Azevedo


P.B.S.J. Anthem


Star Spangled Banner (U.S. Anthem)


Portuguese Anthem


Azorean Anthem


Holy Ghost Anthem


Anthem of Our Lady of Fátima #1


Anthem of Our Lady of Fátima #2


Anthem of Saint Cecilia


Anthem of Saint Anthony


Anthem of “Bom Jesus”


Anthem of “Senhor Santo Cristo”


Genre: Funeral March
Composer: Manuel Canito


Ultimo Adeus

Genre: Funeral March


Semper Fidelis
Genre: March

Composer: John Philip Sousa


Botão de Ancora
Genre: March


The Circus Bee

Genre: March
Composer: Henry Fillmore


The Thunderer
Genre: March
Composer: John Philip Sousa


Alegres do Norte
Genre: March

Os Rebeldes
Genre: March
Composer: Manuel Canito


Eulália Maria
Genre: Slow March
Composer: Manuel Canito


Genre: Slow March
Composer: Manuel Xavier Soares


Cadetes em Marcha
Genre: Concert March


Danny Boy
Composer: Warren Barker


Al Centenario
Genre: Concert March
Composer: Ferrer


Florentiner March
Genre: Grand Italian March
Composer: Julius Fucik


Also Sprach Zarathustra
Genre: Fanfare
Composer: Richard Strauss


Flight of the Bumble Bee
Genre: Concert March
Composer: N. Rimsky Korsakoff


Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Genre: Symphonic Suite
Composer: John Williams


Cantigas São Canções
Genre: Concert Piece
Composer: Ilídio Costa


Finale from New World Symphony
Genre: Symphony
Composer: Antor Dvora

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